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technicolor is a literary magazine fueled by the hopes and dreams of a thriving literary and artistic community. Born from the creative minds of Ben LeDoux and Leah Apodaca, technicolor is a Colorado-based project which looks to showcase work from the top artists and writers from around the country, if not the world. technicolor is not simply an online magazine, it is an exploration through the vision of creation. Submissions are accepted year-round, we look forward to many prosperous years in re-inventing the wheel and helping prosperous writers attain their goals.

twitter: thetechnicolor
e-mail: technicolormagazine@gmail.com

Issue Deux

Submission Guidelines
Preparations for Print!
Wednesday, August 11, 2010, 10:25 AM
The design for our print issues are almost finished and will be ready to be released this month! For anybody looking to get a copy of the last issue, stay tuned to the site and look for the announcement on our main page. Thanks to everyone who has made technicolor what it has become and we look forward to many more issues!
Welcome to technicolor
Sunday, April 11, 2010, 7:51 AM
On April 11th, technicolor Magazine sent out a call for submissions. Born from the mind of a Community College student from the remnants of his memories of the 2010 AWP Conference, we set out for a goal to publish literary works from up-and-coming authors and now, with over a hundred submissions thanks to Duotrope's Digest and New Pages, we are going to do just that. With the first issue debuting to a resounding applause, it is time to make the next one bigger and better. Who's with me? That's the spirit, let's go!

Ben LeDoux
Editor, technicolor Magazine

technicolor is currently accepting donations for upcoming projects that we are working on such as creation of a print journal, a web address and hosting. If you would like to donate to us, we have set up a donation link through PayPal. We are trying to figure out some sort of incentive program for donations and, if you have any ideas, please let us know. Thank you!